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do not mock the religion that makes human animals feel that feeling that every human consciousness wants to feel 101010101000101000101001010101010100101


released October 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Aloof Slacker Weleetka, Oklahoma

i dont even know myself I don't know why I even try that's fuck

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Track Name: Bloodsuckers
bass line continuum in a white walled vacuum acumen acting panoramic in a banana hammock eating Haagen-Daz baskin rob basket ball Shasta pop last a long time period one eye pyramids get looked down upon by orions belt
simon says shut the hell's door all the cool air is getting out shitting brown brimstone big nosed hippos pimp hoes like a ziplocc baggy of crescendo
black and brown crows on telly wire, fire out the belly of creation, why are opinionated men sires
skinned on the dinner plate coliseums lions gate release hungry slave
drive in a home made of junky suede, money saved for garbage day
financial success made limits for your victory
veteran dick in the glory hole of the battlefield, art school flooded by broken hearts, griddle mealymouth sizzles social media
Track Name: Two Heavens
everyone who's "evil" is actually good in the eyes of the "evil"
Good and Evil
Should be Equal
Track Name: Ka-Boom
METAL FINGERS melody rat ta ta tat like tautology slapbox rap glocks grab socks and stuff
the padlock filibust cabinet paper addict is an ape that does not know it's an ape prayer havoc basic magic comes from god's brainy hat tricks abstract love is connected through cosmos
twist nozzels and gift wrap flaws exposed, winter solstice is celebrated by Christian gonzos, we gon need a smaller boat
great flood came in like how you spray cum in a box to get a human to pop out 9 months later cuz
all that hair in your face makes hot weather hard to face, huh?
Track Name: Limits (dim-wits)
surf the concrete the earth is obsolete the church is depleting and heaven is being completed now this haven is angelic slaves are in the epidemic selection of the suction from the puncture of the pinhole peek
pinnacle pete passing victory down to the losers
the garbage is the house for late bloomers
menstruate coke lining no finding
drones describing how the government neuters us
this current civilization is like an abused uterus
Track Name: Question
noided robotic vibrations with no meaning (only the purpose of "rhyming")
HOLD THE FIRWORK ~ look no hand, mama
my vibrations shook yo Grand Lama
UFOs gravitate navy planes
navigate gravy trains
as it gravely rains, I have a hate for wavy terrains
I got one eye and one finger
hard to read, pardon me, i'm a gun-shy gunslinger
life is a sexy headache it's time to get confused and become dead weight
pie to the face behind our metropolis metro trip polish my lazy sealegs regret piracy music is ona floating remote island so change the channel of the vortex television (v.t.) (t.v.) HUSH SHUT UP PEACE AND QUIET QOIR LIT REQUIRE OUTLETS FOR PLUGGING IN MY WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION``````````` distaste
Track Name: Toxic (bird trap)
a pothead aces his Math Quiz but Math Fleets
when the Wrath Is within these Athletes
pathos beat ethos and logos
bozo circus flag saluters suture up good feeling for merica
territorial pissings mislead country unities untie the uni-t-shirt unique verse full of black dearth
mozy on up to the cozy hearth, ringaroundtherosie
nosey noisy nose bleed sleeping with no "Z"s fleeing
papa bear flea market selling goldie locks planets for your solar system
the keiper belt is in loop holes, warm kitty kat titty slapper by a fiery cupel
Track Name: Green Eggs & Ham
david hazel and zira are a triple threat ripple effect rap clique clock cleek clook spooky creek cocks river flux vox hoarse hey you skeez bragging about how sleazebaggies are used to perpetuate rehabs sea crab seek and grab sandlots android bots with tabloids blots can't avoid the masquerade plot, grim reap cascades the grave plot as it thickens like a pot of rotten pig skins footballers want to grip it and chunk it or run with
It by the king fits idling nitwits status quo, the bigger picture is absent and broke, magical ropes strangle my sanity, painful duality
Track Name: Alliterationssss
nonsensical robotic ear raping brain cell terminator
smoking Alcatraz in an Aztec temple
Quetzalcoatl limbo nincompoop poo
blood on the doorstep floormat
lock your only door man or bam
you're dead force fed pigeons silly regime
filled them up with aluminum trails and milky aspartame
morality seams and rationality appears as gleams
jet fuel can't melt steel beams
Track Name: Flying Guillotine
I hate you
your breath smells like you ate poo
vibrate into 3D and get called a cheting scum jesus wants us to meditate before contemplate the easy way pearly gates is an energy field of another reality unthinkable
invincible laws of physics defy the principles
whimsical science does not matter
contradictions juxtapoz with meaningful existence chemicals combined with chemicals in the brain
the swimmin' pool will be drained cuz of the spongy shaman moots
ramen noods and roman nums make me wanna curl up and get ashed like nada scooms
bapa mota cheeba sedated
get off work to get inebriated
zebra stripes on my prison pajamas
cloth being burned by a stimulant not ganja
Track Name: Big Fat Buffalo
zen economy has an agenda of cleansing the soul to battle the war of existence, the cosmos kicking my ass, lost hoplessness is in my trash, dope in syringe injected in arm cast
large vast farm plants like salvia shamans trees
on the shore, like algebra geometry
suck my teeth eye for a ipod
hang in there like balls
or bats, floormats on borats
ignore facts and acknowledge fictional fantasies
dictating pedestal vaccines
practice indifference with Christianity
clash with me i'm a hardheaded sardine
monsanto GM machine mixed with kerosene and cigarette fiber G
hyper drive asleep cringe in my DMT dream
THC CBD arsenic carcinogen mucky meadow marshland full of carnival rides, harpoons fly as the sulfur ignites, cactus cooler hides Einsteins
too many details for our limited minds, right?
left.right.left step by step manipulated
gotta protect their nation, my brain quips, your whole mainframe quits
organized crime is controlled by orange agents, distorted facelift
Track Name: Wierdo (big bang)
torch lit me up source is reluctant succulent fucknuts went butts bent shut lips cut this smutfull bull shit shit shast dash as first class masses burst into ash trashtrash trash trashs tra ssh tash stash shat stash stahs tshat shta stshat sthtsan repeat OM like a monk
feed my dome like a monker in love with pleasing his own dopamine
ogor green sobering diaper streaks
rap writer reads satire schemes
mood tire swings create the illusion of happy happy higher planes
fire and flames and desire for fame is entirely maintained by the illuminati
god speaks in Fibonacci
human desires are shoddy, all apologies
I can't believe how blind these eyeballs see
geoengineering mother nature's ambience and harmony
heaven's walls close in cuz Lucifer has the drawstring
he left all the goodie twoshoes gawking like little babies and
crawling toward the center like attention hungry sapiens
Track Name: Guts
numb my tongue
slumber under womb and lung
gutter sucker loom and strung
shudder cluster doom and hung by a noose slung poo at the bungalow
sun glow run go done stop no more fun lopsided Cyclops eye drifting like this meteorite this pcp sherm ignites like helium huffing termites on wooden church night, turnpike costs dedication
who ever gets 2nd place wins
in my book of artificial thinkin'
sarcophagus stinkin' up the whole sphinx man
like me and my blue dream grams
get my palms on the reputation of a slave
property of a delegate
lost in the streets of the concrete maze
religion gates close
a law of nature is the scapegoat
enslaved conformist help each other make snakes float
controlled actions turn into the pole axis
in the soon future, we will be scorched and lit
Track Name: Negative
the men who built America were women who stolen barriers
carrion birds carry my hearse to the sky where the clouds split
vaporized water becomes my shroud then im reign down mist for the psychedelics in cow shit, how quick do they grow
cubensis sprout
relentless trowels are used to dig in this ground
my music is buried amusement occurring moose jerkys
my fine tooth's hurting, k9 coons circling
womb birthing two birdies in one stone temple
gooseflesh in the air, you feel the space foam ripple
telephone pixels, don't fiddle with my smoke screen
nostalgic aroma has my nasal opening... for more
predetermined angels loathing in forlorn