Nonchalantly Created

by Trey Dog Whistle

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This album was simply created nonchalantly. All of the beats used are from YouTube. Some of the producers on this album is marked "?" because I forgot who made them and I couldn't find them on YouTube again. All of the tracks are simply about nothing really... just a whole lotta rhyming and flowing. I hope you enjoy this album! Hit me up on my e-mail: for any ideas or suggestions!


released September 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Aloof Slacker Weleetka, Oklahoma
i dont even know myself I don't know why I even try that's fuck

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Track Name: Golden Chain
golden chain draped on trey dogs nape
hes holdin a cane with his old plain cape
Track Name: Bates
knock ya jaw crooked
sock ya ma, book it!
Track Name: Itsy Bitsy
trey dog doesn't wear a collar
air baller jumping in some flip flops
grips stops then the pip drops
Track Name: 24 Plants
I'll pay rent before chance
with the twenty-four plants... i'm sellin'... on the streets... fuck
Track Name: Disastrous
my adobe thick
stick a moby dick pass the uvula
its more like a rocket, arugula
Track Name: Just Some Babble Rap
babbabababababbabbabbabbabbabbabbabble rap
Track Name: Baboon Blunder
smarmy hazard percaution, smoshin' vizards
swarming buzzards swoon under like carrions
twist embezzle nozzle
baboon blunder, blithe barbarian
noided vibin' librarian describin' vulgarian
i declare we win the glebe
oxidized with sulfa, ultra glock skids sized up nerves of a dweeb
uber reach goober's short leash tied to the tree of life
the root of evil is like a fife
see the strife and the trife of americana
heaping hot bowl of illegalized marijuana
scare pirhana, wet my fear with some liquid
wear a persona, drench my tier in somethin' wicked
from the sun of the volar istilym
polar shift planet
dribble dribble, solar systems
dopamine fien adreniline, estrogen
smoke screens, cheebas, denizen, lecithin
venison for specimens
then again mescaline melanin melts skeleton gelatinous
fuck atlas
mattress laying backs on me
satin seats, chrome slates
take a place in my taxonomy
saliva smirched on severed soul like Shiva facial cum
diva heart glacial
hey shh... *spark* *inhail* - sativa yum!
benzos bouncin' on my conscious
pendulum feeds on empty paunches
why'd i disagree with tom foolery for
fishin' for zilch in a jewelery store
guillotine blade to folks agendas
yolk em till a scene is obsolete by tremendous subatomic artillary
got my stomach full of celery smoke
hillary clit-cunt, blunt split
jittery hydra lands JoJoba
big and alfa like perpetuated pussy cobra
my words flux like "what the fucks a noria?"
don't answer, jellyfish butt sand
which ditch has euphoria
opium azalea
lobster on my head like Salvador Dali memorabilia
Track Name: T.V.
i don't do shit all day, i might as well be dead
it don't matter what you call trey, what's been said has been said
endless hallway is stored inside my head
these walls may think i'm boring and thats cred
i'm one tall drank that is underfed
i'm a walking flaw ranked as a blunder instead
my talking jaw yanked from it's wonderbread
i'm just blah blah blah blank, i should hinder dread
just going downhill, my life is a fucking sled
i'm gonna slide till i find me the fucking edge
waiting for the kill even though i've bled
but at the end it doesn't matter cuz i'm still read
ready for what, no one's real positive, shit
yet negative things are ignored because it pivots
if you have regret for things that happened in the past
then i bet it stings the yappin' out your ass
whatever that might mean
useless information suffocatesp us like tight jeans
Track Name: Grey Cloud
trey's one grey cloud that's gonna rain on a parade
lay a cadence shroud on them rappers playing charades
my stuff is the bomb along with some air raiders
huff and puff on tommy chongs bongs cuz their faders
crusaders surrender under grinder
earth invaders ponder pander hinder
i'm back on my eye rhymes once again
pronounce impudence plunges wax out of thy munchkins
don't give a queef if i don't have shit to rap about
there was a skunk in a keef spliff, it tapped out
shoved my thumb up mary janes butt and got resin on my pollex, shoo!
she wanted the big toe so i got it on my hallux too
trey's one grey cloud of alluvial thats gonna make pluvial
make it flood and flow a big ass fluvial
to think mans paper money helped make Oprah wean
can't cope with the idea we can't control our dopamine
soap clean fillopia nada Hamada
codify utopia, European vodka cornucopia caused the guy from Nevada esotropia
make the absolute nastiest toot known
and if your sick of it i suggest you put your foot down
that's an eye rhyme for all you lyric lovers
empirical plover, can't give shakir a cover
this rap canvas was painted with all acrylic
just tryna pepper up the halophilic